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AI is a fun subject to learn about. I've long liked mechanical systems, and autonomous ones in particular. I first wanted some sort of robotic NPC so I could play games cooperatively with my siblings instead of competing against them. I also had the impresion that I was more itnerested in closed loop control than open loop, but ran into the problem that I couldn't really practice electronics that relably since no one would let me mess arounjd with a soldering iron. In any case, now my siblings are moved out anyway and I figure I could start out by making a video game with sophisticated AI instead.

So that's something I'd like to start out with first: Making, or finding, a simple multiplayer game environment where I can test out all kinds of AI for NPCs. Basically, an AI GM, maybe one that could coordinate a group of NPCs toward furthering a plot. Maybe even eventually even making a team of LARPing robots, but that seems comparitavely distant. For a start, I guess it would make sense to see if I could make an AI system that can perform simple creative writing exercises, and see if I can go from there to a simple form of collaborative storytelling. Then try to put in things like maps and stats as they're needed to keep track of whatver's considered important.


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