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So, I was thinking about how in 3D modeling, if you're just mucking about in a program with little to no direction, one problem you might run into is dissolving some vertex, point, or face, and end up with an object that has poorly formed or connected faces. I was wondering if maybe there could be a mode of 3D editing that was a bit more resilient against that. At the same time I was wondering if it'd be a fun thing to play with a silly rendering system that drew things geometrically instead of breaking things down into triangles even though there's plenty of reason no current 3D rendered does that.

Then I considered that if everything is being rendered as a collection of triangles, maybe everything could be represented as a collection of tetrahedrons? Like maybe any 3D solid one might make in a rendered could be topologically identical to the outer boundary of some fully collected set of cells within a tetrahedral honeycomb? I'm not entirely sure, but either way I think a 3D modeler where you connect tetrahedral cells and distort them to correct proportions via continuous map functions could be pretty fun to play with and be good for sketching out low-poly designs. Guess that'll be something to work on sometime.

Edit(Sept. 12, 2017, 12:03PM): Thinking about it later, I thought of a probelm that might come up with doing this, but then I forgot it. So yeah, I'll see if it's fun to play with anyway and keep trying to think of ways to just kind of toss data at a renderer and somehow tend to get shapes that avoid clipping with themselves without really trying just because of hwo the math works out.


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